Receiving a life changing diagnosis of blood cancer at the age of 32, Sandra Bottrell began her journey to transform her health and lifestyle.  Spending over two and half decades studying food, nutrition, healing, emotions, and natural therapies; this knowledge has enabled her to create a full and enriched life, whilst managing an illness.

Her passion is to support you during a diagnosis, illness or emotional stress, and help you navigate your way back to health.  She brings together all her expertise and life experience, to enable you to find clarity and calmness during what can be a confusing and turbulent time.

From a place of understanding and great compassion, Sandra can guide you to find your power within, to discover the best healing path for your individual needs; providing peace of mind during the journey, and assisting you to facilitate the best possible outcome.

 Sandra is a Certified Holistic Counsellor (specialising in Grief), a Raw Food Chef & Instructor, and Massage Therapist (specialising in Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, that supports the immune system and helps the body heal when facing chronic health conditions).  



Sandra has 27 years of experience and training to support you on your journey.


Emotional Healing:

Certified Holistic Counsellor – College of Holistic Counselling

Specialized Grief Counsellor – Bereavement Care Centre

EFT (emotional freedom technique) – Michelle Richmond Mastermind

Raw Food Training:

Living Light Culinary, known as the #1 Raw Living Food College

Raw Food – Superfoods -  David Wolfe

Gabrielle Cousins – Tree Of Life Arizona

Medical Medium -  Anthony William 

Gerson Therapy Training

Body Work:

Remedial Massage Therapist

Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage

Myofascial Release

Spa MassageTherapist